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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


some times i think im demented..really..i think of some of the weirdest shit at the weirdest times...like i wonder if ronald mcdonald trump has hairy red hair on his ass like he does on his head...i wonder what kind of face jim carey makes when he is constipated..does the pope every get pissed and say "oh fuck"..? when the goddess made the universe why did she make more horses assess than horses..
i know there are more important things i should be thinking about..but for some reason im more inclined to wonder why a fat woman would wear stretch pants than i am as to wonder about the space program..speaking of which they said they are going to send people to the moon again and it will cost us$104 billion dollars..i think before they spend that kind of money to send people into space to fuck up another planet they should at least finish fixing up this one..
i cannot get over the amt of people in government that are getting arrested and sent to jail for crimes against the people they were elected to help..fuckers..
see where the budget official got arrested on charges of lieing and obstructing a fed.investagation in his dealings with lobbyist jack abramsomebody...this is the same one that delay is supposed to be hand and hand with too. they go on little trips together...wonder when he will get arrested and none to soon too..then there were 3 people arrested in a r&r hotel scam...rigging prices of shit to make money...and former republican Ill. gov. on trial for racketeering...fuckers
good news is sophia loren just turned 71..."kiss me twice"...wow..she is so lovely..
did anyone watch the are you a rock star last night to see who got to be the lead singer for inxs??? im glad the kid that got it ..got it...he looked like if he lost he would go out and kill himself...all im waiting for is tonight...lost is back..yea.....!!!! i love that show...since i dont have internet service at home anymore..i watch a lot of fucking tv...and have a death grip on my remote control....biggest reason why i will never remarry..no fucker is getting control of my remote...will have to pry it out of my cold dead hand..with my tv guide in the other hand..all underlined and marked as to what im going to watch...there is an abundance of alien new tv shows..and more peole talking to dead people...which is not a job i would like to have..talking to live people is a pain in the ass ...can you imagine how fucking boring talking to dead people would be...well, going to read the blogs you all left from yesterday...tata for now..we in texas are buckleing down for rita..just hope it doesnt hit new orleans...

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