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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I was in caritas here in west..which is like a salvation army store..but smaller..i get lots of good stuff there..bought a brand new leather purse yesterday for $3..but the best thing I got was a paperback for .25. The title of it is Gun Monkeys...well, i had to buy it..this is what is on the back of the book..
"shoot first.....explain later..."
"Charlie Swift just pumped three .38-caliber bullets into a dead polar bear in his taxidermist girlfriend's garage. But he's a gun-monkey, and no one can blame him for having an itchy trigger finger. Ever since he drove down the Florida Turnpike with a headless body in the trunk of a Chrysler, then took down four cops, Charlie's been running hard through the sprawling sleaze of central Florida. And to make matters worse, he's holding on to somce crooked paperwork that a lot of people would like to take off his hands.Now, with his boss disappearing and his friends dropping like flies, Charlie has his work cut out just to survive.If he wants to keep the money and get the girl too, he's relly going to have to go ape.".

review of book Nomintated for the edgar award for best first novel, Gun Monkeys is a fast, furious collage of wit and wiseguys, violence and thrills---and a full-throttle run through the dark side of the sunshine state.

I dont know about ya'll but doesnt that sound like our boy sooner????
I think i will read it and then send it to babs, she can send it on if anyone wants to read it...but it sound too funny for me to pass up...i mean really GUN MONKEYS....

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