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Thursday, September 08, 2005


donations are being accepted for hurrican katrina..so far we have 60 survivors here..well a little place called latham..has a church camp and they have room for 500 but only 60 came so far..we collected so much that by today they are not taking any more clothes, etc. as we have to place to store it before they can send it off...pretty cool..
the little town of tours is having meetings to discuss Trans-Texas Corridor. if it goes thru it will go by axtell and east of the Leroy-Tours area and they are hoping up and down pissed...lots of farm acerage out there and they are raising hell...
we had 2 births 3 deaths, i marriage, and 4 birthday announcements...plus 50 years ago this week we had 7 births...west football team is 1-1 and play lorena this friday...hope they win..we lost our 2nd game 35-14..ugh...we are going to have a domino tournament on the 10 at west columbus hall.the lady trogans defested connaly in volley ball..we have great girls teams in all sports here..better than the boys teams most years..have a new listing for house..2-3bed. frame house on 3 lots with nice trees for $30,000...houses are really cheap here...4 garage sales...the greek resturant is looking for a waitress..$2.50 an hour plus tips...which reminds me, my 16 year old granddaughter jamie is working as a cook afterschool and weekends at the really nice spittoon cafe...she started out washing dishes and just stuck it out till she worked her way up...she gets paid welland is learning how to be a chef..which is something she is interested in...when she and the other 3 granddaughters were little they would come to grandma's during the time they were off for christmas. and we would bake cookies...cho.chip, peanut butter, and sugar cookies that they would ice.we also made gingerbread women...i started that when there were just the 2 oldesst girls jenny and nicole and lord the mess...i would still be finding green icing on the ceilings and wall boards for months after xmas..and they would mix all the food colors together and make the ugliest purpleish black icing and ice everything with it...some of the sugar cookies were so thick and hard you could use them for door stops..but their daddys ate them all and thought they were delicious..then they got to the age where they had so many things to do that we havent done it in a few years...were going to do it last year and then they went skiing for the holidays...so maybe this year.some of my best memories..they also liked coming to granny's for holloween(my favorite holiday) as i always had the best candy or made great stuff for them..made s'mores one year, cupcakes, brownies, taffy, all kinds of stuff that i would make instead of buying...plus i dressed up in weird costumes..one year i dressed up as a nun..freaked them out...that was scarrier than when i dressed up as a vampire and that was scarry..

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