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Thursday, September 08, 2005


i watched letterman last night and right after they had the results of the us open from earlier that day..the game was still going on between agassi and blake.the first 2 sets were won by blake, then agassi won the next 2 sets, then they were tied for the 5th set and then went into tie breaker...agassi won it 75..but it was the best game i have seen in years...not since macenro, conners, borg were playing have i seen such a great game..here is agassi at 35 still kicking ass...plus the kid is 25 and had spent the past year over coming an accident where he was partially parlalyzed, plus his father had died from cancer...so there was a lot of immotions to urge them on...man it was a good game...i wanted both of them to win...such a great great game.

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