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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


after i decided that i was probably having another mini-stroke(have had about 5-6 before) i thought, hmmmm think i might go by the drs. so went to the new dr. as the other drs are so old i wouldnt trust them with my dogs care more or less mine...and it was about 3 minutes till 5 when i walked in the drs. office..went to sign in and the recptionist said we close at 5pm and i said well, i think i might be having symptoms of a mine stroke...and she said is someone driving you? and i said no, i drove myself..she said well, you'll have to drive your self to the emergency room as we are closing...!!!!!! i laughed and said, well, dont break your arm dialing 911 for me and went home..figured if i was going to have a stroke didnt think it was a good idea to be on I-35 when i did...figured at least at home i could call 911 if i needed to...but it never got any worse and is about the same today...each one that i have seems to get weaker..weird...the first one i had was an ass kicker..had double vision, head ache so bad i thought i was going to croak..but went away after a while and everthing went back to normal..im in the process of trying to get on one of those programs where you get free meds for blood pressure..as on my income cant afford blood pressure pills and anything else...just found out from henrietta that west is working with drs here to get free meds for us poor folk...
so anyhow, just wanted to let you know im not croaking..just par....i swear it all stems from this sunday when the cowboys won..this is the first time since last season that i had anything to get all worked up over and i was yelling and screaming and that is when i started feeling weird..just figured it was because we hadnt won a game in so long..
thanks for all the messages...going to go home and rest...will see ya'll tomorrow at 3pm texas time...

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