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Thursday, September 08, 2005


there were fewer people here this year than last but can be attributed to the gas prices and hurricane katrina..but still all in all it went well...total:22,408
but that is still alot of people for our little town..They collected $1,800 at the polka mass for hurrican survivors...
but here is the impressive stats...food consumed: 1,650 hamburgers,1,050 corny dogs, 1,100 lbs. of french fries,1,480 armadillo eggs, 600 armadillo tails, 3,800 kolaches, 550 bbq sandwiches, 750 turkey legs,1,500 potato pancakes, 250 baked potatoes, 1,150 lbs. of spudzillas, 8,895 sausage sandwiches, sausage sticks and sausage and kraut plates, 2, 775 roasted iars of corn, 1,200 snowcones, 2,400 bottles of water, 1,500 servings of cotton candy,860 servings of Bavarian nuts, 300 lbs.of corn for kettle popcorn, 55 lbs.of pork rinds, 400loaves of bread, 193 skunk eggs, 3 1/2 cases of fried green tomatoes, 30 gallons of fried pickles, 30 lbs. of fried squash, 375 ice cream floats, and 300 lbs of sausage products, 40 gallons of funnel cake mix, 300 rosettes, 150 gyros, 128 steaks on a stick, 700 super nachos, 150 dozen tamales, 520 frijitas and 55 strudels...you see how they managed not to tell you how much beer was drank...lots...tons...a whole bunch..many, many kegs...pevo was drank by all..'cept me...(is that drank or drunk???)

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