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Thursday, September 01, 2005


he won the pig contest last year and everyone thought he would be dead by now as they dont live that long on the hoof before someone makes bacon out of him..but this little chubette weighs in at 1,183..sleeps 23/7 and lives high on the hog..is name is boris..wish i could figure out how to get his picture on here..but dallas am news has it and think it is in the metro section...

well, it looks like im going to be making that second tip of ass hauling..and unless my bud's computer is fixed i wont see ya'll till tuesday..i'll be twitching and fidgetting all over the place by then...have a good labor day weekend..if i get in touch with red cross and they will send me..i may be posting from the south, as im going to see if they will let me go help..gotta do something...worried that my high blood pressure might keep me grounded though..will let you know...hasta la byby babes.

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