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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


doonsbury cartoon yesterday was soooo right on...here tis.
duke and honey are in iraq..looking out over the balcony...
Honey:over there sir, see that cloud of dust?it's some sort of military convoy...
Duke: that's not military, honey..that's the halliburton gang, pulling up stake!
Duke: i dont get it. why the hell would cheney's boys be leaving the....the...
Honey:...new orleans
Duke: go pack honey...

john edwards is starting to make presidential speaches and dragging ole left foot forest thru the mud...
mr. edwards chidded bush for suspending the 1931 Davis-Bacon act, which sets wages for workers on federal contracts..
"When the only shot many people have is a good job rebuiding New Orleans, the president intervened to suspend prevailing wage laws so his contactor friends can cut wages for a hard day's work." Mr. Edward's said.
well, fucking doh....no shit...

i see where cindy sheenan got arrested...dont know which grin was bigger..her's or the cops..big fucking deal...i know the war is wrong and so do 99%of the world..but we can't just pull up stakes and go home..but we can ease into it..but i agree in with her right to protest..but think she is doing it for the wrong reason..and think its a little self served...her son's still dead, but now she's a star...hmmmm.

did anyone see the tv where they talked about this 60 pound st. bernard puppy that swollowed a 13 inch serrated butcher knife???? holy shit..had to operate and take it out...rocky may be a pain in the ass sometimes but at least he doesnt eat knifes..although it he thought it would make me nuts he would..

i still want to know what happened to monty rock the third..

yesterday it was 108...yup..1....0.....8...degrees...fuck me...we are supposed to be getting a cold front which will bring the temperature down to the 80's...now that is scarry..im waiting for fall...then summer starts up again...fall is 3 days..

i think my little stroke has fucked with my memory..i have lived here for 11 years..the west water is paid on the 15th of the month..always..i forgot to pay it...they waited and waited and then turned my water off today.got up went to brush my teeth ..no water...thought well, fuck...called caroline and she said they cut it off because i didnt pay it...and i was like...huh...??????????/ so had to go down pay the bill and $25 to get reconnected..so to say im not a happy camper is an understatement..fuckers..

did anyone watch 2 12 men last night..i laughed so hard i peed myself..but then i do that when i sneeze or cough..
anyhow..the kid had drawn a picture of a class mate with huge tits..and she had them but that's not the point..so allen has to go to school to keep his kid from getting expelled and lets charlie play receptionist for the afternoon and he turns it into a hand job massage parlor...in the mean time allen meets the girls mother and she has hockers out to allens chin...he cant take his eyes off of them..he tries to make excuses but cant take his eyes off her tits..she keeps saying up here..bud..the eyes up..here..he says he cant help it he was a bottle baby..this goes on forever him babbling and her pissed at one point she says "what is the matter with you"..poor guy.i am not doing it justice but let me tell you.it was one of the funniest nights i have had in forever...shudda seen it

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