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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


remember the dean martin show and he would always say, "im going to mosey on over to the couch now."...i miss dean martin...and elvis,and hunter thompson, h. allen smith, john bulushie, johnny carson, and so many more...hmmm went from going home to "going home"..ha..well, my ass is tired from sitting here at the library for 2 1/2 hours..but i have pretty much caught up with my blog reading...there are some very interesting people out there in blogville...and i keep reading how people are writing mean comments on blogs and calling their kids nasty names and making threats...wow, some people are really fucked up...maybe they should start a blogville for people that just want to post mean shit and only have comments from people that post mean shit...call it "we be assholes and proud of it"...think these people need to go back to their other life...the one where the police are looking for them...too bad we cant direct rita straight to their houses...well, hope all my kinfolk and friends in the south texas area are going to be safe from rita..and to all you in la.miss, and the rest of the south...may the goddess keep yo little asses safe...see ya tomorrow around 10 am or so....

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