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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


oh, man...am i pissed...the past week they have been waring us that there were going to be some changes made in the style of the paper..well, they have screwed the pooch with me..they have turned my second favorite part of the paper into a magazine section..i get my paper and i seperate it to read..all the ads section goes on the floor to my left..then i take the front page, then the business section(boring so want it out of the way fast), metro, sports and then the living section which after sports is my favorite part as it has the comics and the cross word puzzles, which i do after i have read the entire paper...i like the way they have it as it is in a small section so that i can put it on a book and read the questions and do the answers without alot of moving around of the puzzle..do you get this?...anyhow..now they have turned that whole section into a magazine style which means the puzzle now runs straight down..the puzzle is on top and the questions are down below..so now i have to move the fucking puzzle up and down..read question..move it to put the answer in...move puzzle to read question.move it back to put in answer..fuck me..more work that my second marriage...so im going to write such a nasty fuckyoukissmyass letter that their heads will swivel on their little pencil geek necks..may have to double up on my meds...fuckers...babs blogged about changes..well, i feel the same way she does about changes..dont fuckn like em...hate em...loathe them...makes my ass red..if i want a change in my life ill dial the goddess and ask directly...keep that in mind neil and bob..who ever bought blogster...
i wish i could say i feel better after that little explosion but i dont..cause in my heart of heart i know those pea brained motherfuckers will not change it back.unless there are more nutcases like me out there..and goddess forbid if there is..cause if there are more out there like me....hey....more like me..we could take over the paper..then dallas, then texas and then the world...snap..ok, back to the real world.fuckers..

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