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Saturday, September 24, 2005


was up till 3:30AM watching the weather and rita hit farther east and didn't hit us as bad as they thought.plus came in as a category 3 instead of a 5...wonder if all those people that left houston and surrounding areas are pissed..i tried to get in touch with all my houston cousins but no word..but they are as nutso as i am and bet anything they just stayed there and prayed..
got up this morning so i could come blog at the library and it is breezy out and cool..almost like fall..we may get some rain which will be fine with me..but don't think we are going to get anything else..i didn't even stock up on anything..figured if it got that bad i would go to strickly country(Old bar in town) as they are always cooking something up there..felt bad for my granddaughter jenny..her mother is out of town and she is supposed to keep an eye on her 16 year old sister jamie plus her dad and candy ) went to san francisco to visit with maryjo and see the cowboys (hopefully) kick the 49er's ass..so she is also babysitting her 13 year old step brother scot..so she called me freaking out as the traffic coming back from west to their house in belmead is bumper to bumper..(this was thursday)..told her to stay there and watch scot that i would keep an eye out for jamie...she has one of those worthless no good for nothing redneck boyfriends that it looks like im going to have to play psycho granny on...so will go out there today and kick his ass...he's not supposed to be there at the house and with kathy(the mom) gone till monday i know he is going to be there..so will go over and scare the crap out of him...make my day..

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