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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


and it wasent near as bad as i thought it would be as gas prices kept the crowd down to a respectful manageable bunch of drunks..i didnt even go..thought about it and said fuckit..rented some movies got a case of dublin dr.pepper some blue bell ice cream, chicken and kicked back. only came out to get paper and ran back home..i did drive by before and took some pictures. and a few during the rush but i didnt even go to the parade..it was shorter this year too..eveyone i talked to said it was a good one because there werent alot of people..30,000 people in our little town is a big ass mess..so will have to wait till i see the west paper wed and see what the count was..want you to know that the west fest organization donates money each year to the fire dept. the ambulance dept. the library, etc. last year they donated over $30,000 to various organizations..pretty cool...

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