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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


read this in the dallas paper last sat..cracked me up and scared the shit out of me at the same time..doh..
arkansas meth addicts seem to be collecting arrowheads...
white county sherriff pat garrett(that is really his name..where's billy the kid)said that after more than 100 search warrants he has come to expect arrowheads, many thousands of years old, when he storms the home of suspected meth makers.
the reason is:"you get kind of wired ont that stuff, and you need to have something to do", said mr. young who is in the white county jail awaiting trial on meth charges..Mr. Young, 36, sold his arrow head collection to a local dealer for $1,250. enough to pay for a defense lawyer. He said "head hunting" filled his need for activity when he was on meth."you just get to walking and lookiing at the ground," mr. young said."you get to looking and an arrowhead catches your eye".."the strangest things you find out there is other dopeheads," said mr. young, who added that drug dealers and users often trade the arrowheads among themselves..
but local farmers find the groups of drugged arrowhead searchers an annoyance.
"to me, arrowhead hunting is the same as me going to a stranger's garden and picking his tomatoes," said Jerry Smith, who farms in nearby Brandford."that land and what's on it belongs to me."

well if that aint the shits..

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