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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


checked my emails when i got here and had a short email from the dallas am news after i sent them a email letting them know how pissed i was at what they did with the paper..
it said...
WOW... yes we have gotten a lot of complaints and are making some changes and will be in the thursday paper..let us know what you think(we all know that's going to happen)..

ha, least they had a good sense of humor about it..think i called them dick heads...just as long as i get my cross word puzzles back and the paper printed in large enough print to be able to read..the comics are so small now i cant read them...and i have to have my garfield and doonsbury...

man oh man it is hot here..got up early and finished up my shopping and the humidity is horrible...supposed to get over 100 again. 103 yesterday...im waiting for our cold front to bring the temp into the 80's..nights are supposed to be cool...cant wait..
mojo called me last night after she got off work..she talks to me the whole time she is riding the bus, walking home...can hear all the street noises...pretty cool..anyhow..she is all excited...her boyfriend rolff's step mom is a para-legal and her assistant left and she offered mojo the job..its 2 days a week..at $22 an hour..she is so excited..she goes in today and fills out all the paper work..she is afraid she wont get the job..but dont know how she can miss..the woman came looking for her cause she said she knew mojo would do the job well..she is going to drop two of her classes in school as if she keeps up the schedual she willhave only 2 days off a month..that is too much stress on her..that kind of work, meeting, school to meet each week is what drives people back to drinking..but i sure do hope she gets it..she was all excited.plus her brother had called and told her again how much fun they had and how great she looked and how happy she was and how proud he was of her...made her feel so good..she has sure come along way...and the cowboys won...

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