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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I am all pilled up now on blood pressure meds...but still have flashing in my right eye and floaty things...but am sure it takes a while for them to kick in...now if i could figure out some why to get a good nights sleep that didnt start at 5am and end at 11am..i will watch letterman and then watch ole craig the scotch late night host and then lay in bed and read thinking it will make me sleepy...i lay in bed until my right boob is so numb from laying on it and the other one is tossed over my neck...making my neck sore...i get up turn on tv or watch a movie..watched supreme happiness of an unclean mind or something like that...with jim carey...started out weird and thought i wouldnt be able to get into it..but stuck it out and ended up being a great movie...very strange ..but great..maryjo called me and we comeserated about the cowboys game..what a fucking blowup that was...grumpy is right ..if i didnt have a stroke from watching that fuck up...i will live forever...i didnt yell or scream but i did throw my remote out the front door and into the yard...scared the crap out of rocky...still havent seen him since then..took me 30 minutes to find the damn remote too..out in the yard in my tshirt and underwear..swearing and laughing and swearing some more..lucky my neighbors are used to strange activities coming from my house...think the only thing weird that i did here was about 7 years ago when in stead of having an easter egg hunt i had an easter quest...made up a bunch of clues made up as ryhmes to tell them how to find their prize..my 2 sons and daughter and daughter in laws made fun of me but the grandkids had a ball and thought it was great..thought the oldest were too old for hunting easter eggs and the younger ones would be into the idea of a quest in stead of a hunt...had the big plastic eggs full of prizes and no hard boiled eggs which kids dont like to eat any how...oh, the quest took up my yard and 2 of the neighbors which is why they thought it was a little weird...

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