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Monday, September 12, 2005


well, am i a happy camper or what...life is good..the cowboys won..and won good, not an ugly win...a cute win..not beautiful but cute..im still hoarse from screaming..sent the new neighbor lady running into her house by half time...when the center fumbled the ball to the qb i was screaming fuck so loud the windows were rattling...and to top it off, the sooners won for our boy and texas beat the crap out of ohio...i love kicking yankee ass..houston team sucked. they have the cutest damn qb but he is not going to make it in the league on looks..the steelers won their 14 seasonal opener..some record.im 11-4 so far..$5 a game..
this is going to be one of those catch all blogs...little bit of everything..
dennis hopper is a republican...that just boggles my mind...how the fuck can mr. easy rider be a republican..i always knew there was something about him that was wrong as i have this problem where if i dont like you i cant remember your name..dont know why but that has always been the way ...and i used to make jokes about dennis hopper must have taken so many drugs that it screwed up with my mind as i couldnt remember his name...now i know why..he's a republican...doh..
unbought scientific opinion is increaslingly hard to find.

am i the only person in the world(texas maybe) that loves to put butter then peanut butter and jelly on my pancakes????

back in the 70's i used to have a friend that worked for jose feliciano and jose sometimes could be a bit of an asshole, blind or not...so when he would be especially bad they would set out weird clothes for him to wear..plaids with stripes, yellow, red green mixed up...for some reason that strikes me as really funny.

i watched pbs again this week end and there was a show on noodling...soon as i saw what it was about i thought of sooner..as it is only done in oklahoma..i think...in case you have never heard of noodling..it is where you take your bare hands and go in to rivers, lakes, ponds, etc and catch cat fish with your bare hands..you stick your hand and arm into these mud holes, under trees,etc.and stick your arm in the holes and the catfish will take it in his mouth and they pull the fish out. .we're talking about fishes that weight up to 50 lbs or more...these guys have arms all scared up...in 2000 they had the first noodling contest...the guy that was supposed to be the best jerry somebody didnt catch any as he had been bit by a cotton mouth a few weeks before and was really pissed. but a good sport about it..the largest was a tie between 2 guys..54lbs a peice..and the largest stringer(most fish caught by one person) was 114lbs...that may have been one of the best hours i have spent watching tv in weeks...they even have a noodling queen...or queen of noodling...this is southern oklahoma which is damn near texas so that explains alot...have you ever noodled???? anyone? sooner, texlahoma???

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