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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


i am thinking about starting a tshirt business and they will all have bits of wisdom from the goddess on them...first of all there would be the "WHAT WOULD THE GODDESS DO"? and "vengence is for the holy only", "live in peace or I'll smite your ass", "love your fellow man or I'll kick your ass", "marriage is for the commited". stuff like that..what do you think? would I be another Ronald Macdonald Trump? I have lots of ideas for sayings for the tshirts. need to figure out how i can pattent the name The Goddess...wonder how you do that...as you see I had lots of time on my hands this weekend and had nothing to do but think of weird shit to do...
also want to get with sooner and establish a fund to start a Joe Don Looney award..for the athelete with the most promising future that fucked up...
and speaking of soonerboy..im so sorry about your team getting beat by a bunch of frogs...what a shame..the point spread was sooners minus 26...I saw the score and i swear i could hear sooner screaming all the way from oklahoma...cheer up sweety..they are switching quarterbacks...better luck next game..

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