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Monday, September 26, 2005


nothing here about sex changes but trying to fuck with the google ads...and im confused...(no shit sherlock)why are there coffee cup ads on my web site..i know for a pure fact that i have not drank a full pot of coffee in my entire life...im a tea drinker..hot tea during the winter and iced tea during the summer..so why the hell are they selling coffee related items on my blog site? hm...and mentioning blog site..im afraid that we are all going to be sold by our new slave owners... they bought and paid for us..now they want to charge us for being bought...ok..now even real slaves didnt have to pay their white masters.. what kind of rich white man slavery is this...here's the deal slaves..we bought you..now we want money from you because we bought you...how about if i let them run ads on my tits...they are big hummers and could fit a pretty good sized coffee ad on them.."drink all you want from these coffee mugs".."fill em up right here",
"large only, no small"..."comes with cream"..."no sugar these babies carry milk only"...
i need to find a job...i need to get a life..but the good news is..the cowboys won..

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