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Thursday, September 29, 2005


man, that cracks me up...sorry..just another way to get my giggles..rain..rain...yes, virginia..there is something called rain...we got rain..nana nana boo boo, stick your head in doo doo..we got rain...
sorry ...i get carried away...but man..rain..so wonderful..and it is cool out..not 103...not 108 but 80...whooptfuckingdo..
im still mad at the dallas morning news..they said that i would see some changes big fucking deal..they swaped the cross word puzzles out..top for bottom..but the comics are still the size of postabe stamps..garfield looks like a smudge with ears..fuckers
so going to send another death threatning email to them..the guy i usually email my bitches to is off till the first of oct..so another guy that i dont know got my email..but mike must have warned him about me as he didnt seem overly concerned that i refered to them as dickheads...going to send a really good one full of my favorite words and then at the end say..angry email to follow...
my girlfriend in austin who is from new jersey to begin with has decided that paris hilton is starting to look like a likely candidate for president..as bush has gotten as stupid as he can get...and needs a replacement..
when i saw brown not taking the blame for fema's fuck up's and blaming everyone else ..all i could think of was... i bet he can cross his legs like a radio center rockette as he has no balls at all...
i on the other hand...cant cross my legs..huh huh

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