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Friday, December 30, 2005


Did anyone see the tv show last night on the supposed rumor that there was a female Pope? It was pretty interesting.But then I was bored.anyhow.....I went on line to check it out and there are kazillions hits on her...Pope Joan...One story is she went from being a notary to a curie to a cardinal to the pope.hmmmm. Then she went on a horse ride and gave birth to a baby where every one freaked out seing the pope give birth and they tied her to the hair of the horse and dragged around the city, stoned to death by the mob, and was buried at the place where she died.Depending on the story the baby was either killed or not...there are many different stories with different time frames, etc. but pretty interesting any how...going to read up on it some more...went the catholic encyclopedia and they have a lot of information on her..thougth it would give you something to do when you got bored..I am still in charge of intertainment aren't I?
fuck me till I have my own reality show


Scottish Toodler said...

I did see that show and also have read about it in school and in different pagan books (ie "this is really a reference to an older Italian pagan goddess... blah blah blah). I have never really looked into it, but I don't have any strong feelings about it. If you learn more I'd like to hear about it.You SHOULD be in charge of entertainment!!!!

Astronaut said...

Wow, like that story, i'll have to check that out sometime.