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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


saw my first kinky tv ad today...what a riot..dont know how many voters he is going to get with these ads..but when its over with he can get his own tv show...
he has a new action figure retailing at $29.95.For a $100 hyou can buy a collectible version autographed by Kinky himself...if you push a button on the action figure it yells out one of 25 one-lineers, offering humorous commentary on the political scene and an assortment of issues that the candidate wants to take issue with...the commercials featrue a "press conference" in which reporters ask questions of the 13-inch toy, which delivers sharp answers from behind a life-size podium..one asks if Mr. Friedman can get Democrats and Republicans to work together if he is elected..The replica resonds:"I'm running for governor, not God."...another question is whether Texas has become to9o politically correct. The quip:"Hell, yes, and I'm gonna de-wussyfy Texa if I gotta do it one wuss at a time."..asked about border issues ,the succinct response is :"I'll keep us outta war with Oklahoma".
so im beginning to think if nothing else i can go to my grave saying i saved myself for kinky and all i got me was a governor..i hope

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soonerfan78 said...

They still harping about that border shit down there, fuck it fluctuates a 1000 acres or so every time the Red River moves...you can't go wrong with the name Kinky, I like him allready.