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Sunday, December 25, 2005


nana nana booboo....stick your head in doodoo...the cowboys pulled one right out of their ass...and I was so busy bullshitting with babs and lisa..I fucking missed it...We're yacking away and Bab's says:" I think the cowboys won"...I am like what? your kidding? shit! And sure enough they won the game without me...Babs, next game we have to go back to the chat room and repeat what ever it was we were doing and do it again for good luck..worked better than that damn mojo bag I made..We needed Giants to win but Washington beat them and needed Tampa Bay to win and they did...so we still have a chance...now will some one please sign up as a kicker so we can get rid of that dufus that calls himself a kicker..hell..I can kick straighter than he can...and speaking of football..next monday night will be an end of a 36 year era..the end of Monday night football...Bet ole Howard Cosell will be spinning in his grave...They are going to have a recording of Don Meredith singing "The Party's Over".....Will be between The New York Jets and The New England Patriots...a game as important as West High School against Italy High School(about 45 miles down the road)....I remember finding out that John Lennon had been killed on Monday Night Football...Heard Howard call a black running back for the Washington Redskins a little monkey and thinking "Oh, Howard..you dun screwed the pooch"....I will miss them on Monday Night...seems like they have always been there and will miss them. Not so much the announcers as just the fact that there was football on and now there won't be..".all good thing's must come to an end....so goodnight, the party's over..".....

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soonerfan78 said...

You are most welcome my sweet goddess, and thank you for the xmas card, I laughed my ass off. I will be around tomorrow afternoon when I get back from my moms, going over there and eat like Jethro and steal some leftovers and gonna come back here and catch up with THE BLOG, lol. Cowboys won, I got some socks and a piece of ass and neither one fit for xmas, just fucking typical.LOL, glad you like the pics, drank a shitload of beer doing that, it is a routine that I look forward too, because I never know if you are goimg to talk about shrunken heads, the landing gear of a Cessna or Bush's dick, well that's not much of a subject. Sooner made a funny, fuck. Anyways, it was a challenge finding some of that shtuff, but it was ILLUSTRATION of my goddess's blog, ya just don't throw up a smily face on that shit. Love ya, hugs and squeezing and heavy breathing, ...MERRY XMAS my sweet lady, sooo glad ya got a puter as nice as YOUR pooter, lol. Yak at ya tomorry, sweet dreams;)