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Saturday, December 10, 2005


did you know...??? the reason the song is played when a U. S. President enters a room orginated with President James Polk's wife, who was so mad her diminutive, homely husband was often ignored when making an entrance. So, Sarah Poke ordered that the song be p layed when ever her husband came into a room..So it plays now for all presidents enter a room..
However, the origin of the sont itself is set to the words of Sir Walter Scott's epic poem "THE LADY OF THE LAKE", it describes the death of a Scotish chieftan who was betrayed and then put to death by his arch enemy, King James V. So the song that is used to herald the coming of the President of the U.S. actually chronicles teh assination of a head of state.
The last part of canto five, asks:"o who would wish to be thy king?"
lesson for the day..jac


Nit Wit said...

OUCH! I learned something new. Now I'll have to forget something to make room. :)

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