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Monday, December 19, 2005


I received christmas card from mojo and its a christmas card from the gubernator, here 'tis:
The Gubernator Mansion
222 Terminator Way
Awesome, California
The Gubernator orders you to have a Merry Christmas. Not to have a Merry Christmas will be a big mistake. If necessary, The Gubernator will crush like an insect anyone who does not enjoy completely the holiday season.I will use all tools at my disposal, such as my powerful muscular structure or possibly some unfortunate legislation. If you are a woman and you are very hot, I will enjoy fondling you and later I will lie about it.Do not be stupid.
Obey the Gubernator...
Hasta La Vista, Baby..ahnold...


Cassandra said...

you're so silly!!!

Jack said...

*sniff sniff *

That was beautiful..

(Who knew Arnie had such a soft side to him?)