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Monday, December 05, 2005


Since combat operations began in Iraq in March 2004, 45 souldiers have killed themselves in Iraq, and additional 2 dozen commited suicide after returning home.
30 % of returning Iraq vets show signs of some mental stress 3-4 months after coming home.
1-5 u.s. combat vets who screened positive for post tramatic stree syndrome.
17 5 of u.s. combat troops including army and marines, who experienced major depression of combat stress.
23- 40% found to have stress synddrome who sought mental health care.
65 % of those questioned who said they worry that asking for help would make them look weak kor effect their military careers.
in april, the dept of veteran affairs acknowledged it had under estimated medical care cost and veterans in several states found that veterans affairs had to stop scheduling appointments because of lack of staff and a shortage of funds.
as pogo said: we have met the enemy and he is us....

fuck me til i snap to attention...

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