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Thursday, December 22, 2005


just in case I dont get to post again till after the christmas holiday i just want to wish all of you a merry christmas....the goddess wants to remind you that j was actually born in sept..but to make the birth of Jesus more appealing to the pagans and bring them over to the new religion..they used dec and the winter solstice as his birthdate...but dont let that slow you up on buying that new ipod for your son to show how much you love Jesus...Im going to go home now and work on my new years resolution list...I truly do wish each and all of you a merry chirstmas...love and kisses jackiesue..in the little town of west...


Astronaut said...

That would be a good way to force your parents into debt, say to them, do you love jesus enough that you'd buy me everything and get into debt? NO? Then your going to burn in HELL!!

And a merry christmas to you.

Cassandra said...

Hail to our Queen!!!
thanks leo for suggesting that!!!