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Saturday, December 24, 2005


I have not been to bed yet...I am like a computer crackhead...been hitting websites all over the fucking place...plus I even went back to blogster and left some "come to the darkside" and blog with us at blogspot...bet that thrilled neil and bob...left one post..was surprised that it was still there..thought for sure they had deep sixed my blogsite...kind of disappointed..wanted to be kicked off too...and as bad as my blogs were for content..well, maybe adios mother fucker means something different to them than it does me...fuck I have cartoons on the tv...I have lost it...ok, I am out of here..got to get out of this chair before my back breaks and my tits wear a worn spot on the knees of my jammies...goddess bless..jac


yellowdoggranny said...

hot tamale...go to the top of my blog where it says next blog hit it...then hit it again..blogsite of topless men...not bad..but can see where angelina jole is with brad and not vince...huh huh

Clance' McClannahan said...

I call it internet A.D.D.
one site to the next...I can waste more time. Email me when you get up will ya? Trying to get the Troops together....