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Saturday, December 17, 2005

.................COUSIN BRUCE.............

wonderful news...my cousin Bruce called friday morning and said my computer should be here before christmas..would have had it done sooner but he has been soo busy..man oh man..was so great to hear that..did't even ask it it had speakers..now i have to see about which internet service to get and which is the cheapest...people something is pretty cheap..but they are also the ones that let in virus that crashed my computer so ..hmmm. dont think so...but im so excited about my new computer...bruce is such a sweetie..wish i could bring him over to the goddess's side..but afraid he worships the baby Jesus and all that goes with it...and to top it off he is a republican..poor baby..looks like i am the cousin that got all the brains as he and all the rest of the kinfolk are in that Jesus cult and voted for bush also..wonder how i got into this family.and believe me, im sure they think the same thing...
mojo has been calling me pretty regular lately..she has been in the process of getting a new apt..the first for her and rolf to be alone..they have been sharing a big house in daly city with a bunch of rolf's kinfolk that are not the smartest knife in the drawer..mojo was ready to go redneck on them...actually just the one...who is 300 lbs and stupid..nothing there to endear him to mojo right off the bat..but anyhow they got the apt...one block from the haight where she has wanted to live forever...its an apt in a huge victorian house..has its own intrance and even a small yard....she is so excited...soon as she gets in she is going to the pound and get herself a kitty...im so happy for her..
ohhhhh ohhh, the latest on the granddaughter jenny..'
she has been going to school and working at a resturant to pay for her car and insurance..called me the other day to say she was going to go to classes for a dental hygenist...cool..then slipped in on me that when the new "Hooters" resturant is built she has a job there...i took the phone and banged it on the floor and said "wait a minute there must be something wrong with my phone, cause i swear you just said you were going to work at hooters..." she laughed and said no mistake, she got hired on...i told her the first time some asshole grabbed her in the ass she would deck someone and be gone..she said probably.but she would work there anyhow as the money was too good to pass up and she was only going to work on the weekends...but then she told me the best part...while the girls that had been hired were all sitting around a table the boss said that he wanted them all to know that they were not being hired on their waitress experience..that they were being hired because they were pretty and had nice bodies...when jenny told me this she said, grandma i was so mad...and 2 of the girls actually giggled when he said that..she said.."i was insulted, i have lots of experience and i was mad because i didnt get hired for that..just because i have big boobs..."...she was so indignant...cracked me up.. gotta love it..

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