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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck had a baby girl...very nice and congradulations...they named the baby Violet...now I wish these people and their child the very best but please...Violet?..it sounds like a reaction to a severe case of the flu..."i threw up, had stomach cramps and broke out in Violet Affleck..."...

watching pbs last night and saw something you dont see evey day...3 black men in black leather singing opera...then they sang in falsetto(operataic style?) you aint got a thing if you aint got that swing..do wop style..switched back to survivor..

well did eveyone watch oprah on letterman? pretty funny..you could tell that she does not watch his show ...ever....ever...ever..as letterman is known for having very smart political guests on and having serious discussions with them..she acted like he was going to juggle and balance a ball on his nose..he came off smart and caring and she came across as very immature and holding a grudge still...think i saw oprah as she must have been as a kid when they made fun of her cause she was fat...made me like letterman that much more and see oprah in a new light that was not that flattering ....

to sooner: for all the time you have spent on putting pictures on my blogspot....your're the reason god made oklahoma....you sweet little okie you...
to babs: for posting my posts for me every day and as you all know there are many of them....you are a texas rose my sweet friend...thanks to you both..

speaking of oklahoma....it appears not a good thing for the quarterback to kick anyone on the opposite team...they suspended him for the remaining games(including playoffs which they are in) and then daddy (who was the coach) took it to court and the judge overruled it and then the schools got into it and now it is in the Oklahoma Supreme Court...one thing I do know...you don't mess around with high school football in Oklahoma...same here in Texas....high school football is the reason im sure why the expression "he needs killing" is so popular here..
fuck me til i make the extra point


Unknown said...

Violet? Well, I guess that's better than "Apple" (Gweneth Paltrow's kid).

Don't ya just love Sooner and Babs? Two of the most thoughtful and genuine people in this world!
And you're not too bad yourself! ;)

Love Ya Jackie Sue!

lostinthetriangle said...

You should see some of the names that parent(s) give their offspring in Bermuda. They take 3 or 4 differnt names and put em together to make up something. Poor kids, feel sorry for em.

To tell you the truth, I have not watched TV much at all these last few days......over 250 channels of NOTHING to watch!!!

Jack said...

HA! I immediately thought of "Apple", too, Mental!

Then there's also the little gum-chewing brat on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory": Violet Beauregard (sp?).

'Course, NONE of 'em are as bad as Nicholas Cage naming his new son "Kal-El". Comic-book geek Nick gave him Superman's real name. *sigh* Hire bodyguards now - that kid is gonna NEED 'em in school.

We're Survivor fans, too - we were glad to see that loud-mouthed Judd go! :-)

Cassandra said...

Tis my pleasure to bring your wisdom into this world that so needs it!!!