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Thursday, December 15, 2005


i have to find some books to read..and there are little kids reading what i am typing ..i hope they are to young to read...or at least in this case..cant read english...we are mulit-cultured here in west...which means we have mexicans here...at least the locals let them live where they want to unlike the black people who all live on one side of town...really....like i said..it's 1957 here..
i know i have shouted from the roof tops here about required tv watching...i may watch a lot of pbs, which i love but i also have to watch every week...boston public..i swear to the goddess that is the best tv show ever...this week..capt. kirk was going to trial and they were all trying to decide if they should wait..go to trail now..wait..what ever..and capt. kirk is sitting in chair looking at his lap...all of a sudden he says:
"i have an erection. that's a good sign. lets go to court.."...i laughed so hard...he is sooo good in this... i know he plays denny crane..and is always saying his name..but to me..he's capt. kirk...so im not telling you guys again..YOU MUST WATCH BOSTON LEGAL...trust me in this...
library is closed tomorrow so wont be on till sat. am...but i will be thinking about you all....and will do some horoscopes for b. who was born on oct. 29th..babs who was born on dec. 31st. and sooner who was born on jan. 20th..these are not horoscopes..they are charactrer developments...or something..you'll see..
ok...im going now...really..im going...no i really am..im leaving...byebye...ta ta..ya'll come back and see me now....ya he'r???


Cassandra said...

We will miss you Jackiesue!!!!!

apositivepessimist said...

heehee i love that show when i remember it's on...lol. he does play the part so well doesn't he...i never really got into the trekkie stuff so i am enjoying him in this role.

when you have the time mine is oct 1st...but i only want the good bits...LOL.