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Monday, December 19, 2005


My first attempt at making a mojo bag was a total complete flop. The Cowboy's got their asses handed to them on a plate...a nice shiney silver plate at that..I was and still am hoarse from screaming at the tv...talked to my friend David last night and told him I expect to be found croaked with my converse tennie shoe stuck in the tv ...mojo called during the game and I answered "what?"...she said cowboy's losing..? doh....
game wasent on in san francisco...only thing that made me feel better was the niners lost too..and the eagles..but they got beat by the giants..which didnt help us...crapadoodle..
the girls mother Kathy called and invited me over for christmas eve dinner...that was nice..Thom's still pissed...I suppose if I quit refering to his wife as imacuntthedaughterinlaw he would not be mad at me...but....im an asshole and I won't...i get to help with the cooking which I will enjoy..Kathy hasn't made a turkey before so is a little nervous..told her its a snap cooking turkey..it's just a big chicken...
before i forget ..yafta ..(you have to) check out kinkyfriendman.com....his commercials are on and they are just too funny...i see them once in a while on tv.but mostly from dallas..the waco station's wont play them....im still saving myself for kinky...
fuck me til i am...kinky

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Cassandra said...

Are you the reason Green Bay lost on Monday night too?
Be careful with that mojo on the cowboys. they need help from some one with expierence!!!
Make sure she knows to take out the inards of that bird. She may not know that if she hasn't cooked one before.
Adding Kinky's site to my list to check out...haven't seen the ads yet.