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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Watched the Kennedy Honors tonight..and had a pretty elite group...they feted Robert Redford, Julie Harris,Tony Bennett,Suanne Farrell and Tina(what's love got to do with it) Turner....Willie Nelson actually brought me to tears with his redition of "My hero's have always been cowboys".....for Robert Redford..Willie rules.They had some great musicans touting Tony and Diana Krall was the cats pj's...but the ones singing Tina's music just blew me away...Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifa, Melissa Ethridge,Al Green and the wildly sexy Beyonce...man, if every white woman in america could look like her...they would all be black right now....she did Proud Mary and was fanfuckingtastic....but Tina does have better legs...I thought forest gump was going to jump up, whip it out and start whacking off....he makes me ill.....what a show...ahhh, there is still some good shit on tv..


Linda said...

Yeah, those old gals have more staying power than all the one-hit kids they have today. Tina Turner has been around a long time with the good and the bad times when she dumped Ike she was able to get back on her feet and carry on by herself and make a ton of money...and she still has the best legs in town, he he

Scottish Toodler said...

Beyonce is sexy and she does a good rendition, but in my book no one will ever beat that force of nature herself, Ms Tina Turner. I think she is the awesome lady in the universe. I hope you are safe from the fires. This is the year of fire (actual fire, disease, war, accidents, violent attacks, rash behaviour, etc) so stay safe and keep raisin hell, ya ole Yellowdog Granny!!!!