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Monday, December 19, 2005


This weeks news in the little hamlet of west, texas..circa 1957(thursday of this week)
west passed a hotel tax for the new motel we are building ...now this is what the tax money is being specified for...acquiring, constructing or remodeling and maintaining civic center convention buildings, auditoriums, coliseums, and adjacent parking areas to provide advertising money for the general promotional and tourist advertising of the city of west and its vicinity...excuse me mother fuckers but we only have 2,000 that live here...the hotel tax money could also be used for the encouragement , promotion, improvement and application of arts, dance, drama, folk art, creative graphic and craft arts, motion pictures, television, radio, take and sound recording and the arts related to the presentation, performance, execution and exhibition of the major art forms...what the fuck? excuse me ...we still only have 2,000 people...we have 2 drugs stores, 2 banks, 1 lumber co, i hardware store, a bunch of antique stores, about 15 churches and as many bars, a $ store, 9 gas stations and a bunch of bakeries...i see lots of calls for a movie theater, tv station and a recoring studio..kiss my ass..
ok, back to the rest of west..
we are gonig to have a house decorating for christmas contest...that is one really cool thing about west..we deck them halls...i would say that almost 90% of the houses are decorated for christmas...
The little town of Tours is getting a historical marker for the Tours Catholic Church..been here since november,11, 1874...the kids and i always called them hysterical markers..and whole pull up next to them and get out and point and laugh...(long road trips with 3 kids)
we have had one marriage, 3 birthdays, 1 anniversary, and 5 deaths..i notice that we lost a lot more people during winters here than any other time of year..think the cold dreary weather gets to them...all the bars are advertising for dances and parties for new years eve..or as i call it..amature night...the boys basket ball team won the tournament but our girls lost...damn..
an 11 year old girl named Taelor Davis is a big time hunting big shot here..she shot 3 feral hogs and two Javelina hogs.The largest feral hog weighed about 300 lbs. and was shot at 150 yards. She used a .243 caliber ruger rifle with a simmons 3x9 scope..her parents had the largest hog head mounted and it hangs now on the wall among their wildlife trophies..there is a picture of her grinning from ear to ear all decked out in camy's next to one of the Javelina's she shot...i for once am going to pass on commenting on this...
appples are on sale at wood mart..think i will bake a home made apple pie for the girls...jenny always wants me to make her chocolate cream pies..will make both...no pecan pies this year for the first time in 11 years...no pecans on my pecan tree..drat and damn.
and of course as usual during winter...sausage is on sale..my landlady goes deer hunting every year and always brings me deer sausage..she has the best deer sausage ever...i like to make white bean soup with it...nummy
there is a job in the help wanted section that is interesting..someone to work with a labrador dog to sniff our drugs at the schools in the areas...dog would live with you..and after about a week the kids will be burning your house down.....towns to small for that ...

exciting news folks....my cousin bruce called this afternoon and my computer is on the way...he said he sent it dhl and should be here by wed. at the latest...hip hip horay...now the hard part..which internet service wont break me..have a bunch of those aol freebies but aol is starting to chap my ass...and dont want to join aarp just to get people pc.cheap...they have a deal going on now for 3months at $5 somthing a month..that would work...so hopefully by christmas i will be posting from home..
fuck me til i giggle

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Cassandra said...

No pecan pie??? That ain't right. Bad pecan tree!!!
Yeah computer!!!
It depends on if you want to go dial up or even if DSL is offered in your area. And then there is cable internet.
Dial up is the cheapest, but not from AOL.
PC online and netzero are some I've heard of that are cheaper, but may have lots of popup ads with those. You might ask whoever your phone carrier is what they charge for dial up. Sometimes, it's cheaper when you have a "package deal" with your phone and internet with the same company. I know SBC offers dial up, I just don't know how much it is.