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Monday, December 05, 2005


there was an article in the dallas am news that forest gump got his notice from the court house that he is to appear for jury duty...let that sink in a second...doh...of course he cant serve...he isnt thru fucking up the country yet...but can you imagine him on a jury? man..there are about 2,082 jokes there...
and even better news in the paper..all those people that received donated funds from rep. Randy "duke" Cunningham of california(remember him..he got busted for theiving..sneaky bastard..anyhow..the people he donated money to (all republicans of course) have to decided if they are going to keep the money or give back(yeah, right)...or donate it to a good cause....so this should be fun to watch..all them republicans having to give back 'dirty money'....most have decided to give it to charities except for one said he would keep his money..he got $3,000 last year ...rep. randy neugebauer of lubbock, tex. basically said he gave it to me and its mine..fuckyou...nice guy..what i thought was funny, actually absolutely hysterical funny was tom delay's fund trustee brent perry saying "we want to stay as clean as we can"...too late motherfucker..WAY....TO FUCKING LATE.... oh, man these guys ....they have balls so big...i dont know how they can cross their legs...
fuck me til i vote..

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Cassandra said...

"they have balls so big...i dont know how they can cross their legs"