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Saturday, June 11, 2005


folks are leaving west faster than we can make new ones..My best friend David''s mother passed away..She has been in assisted living for over a year. She had alzheimers desease or as I call it, old farts desease.Dont think she had been ill, just to tired to go on...So I am going over and join the rest of her family in rememebering her. She was a great mother, sister, daughter, aunt and grandma..Before she got really bad I would go over and "watch" her while her husband went to Dr''s. or shopping..She always acted like I was her best friend and she had not seen me for ever, every time she saw me..Always made me feel so special..I went over one time to watch her and she asked me to come in the bathroom to meet her new friend.I went in and she introduced me to her reflection and when she saw me in the mirrow, she said, OH look, she has a friend visiting her today too. So we stood in the bathroom for about 20 minutes talking to our reflections..Best conversation I had in years...May the goddess bless and keep her safe...

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