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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Was going to do sort of a run down of west events by way of the west newspaper..but when i read the first page all the joy went out of my day..
a small article was in paper on front page...:
Two area youths were killed and three others injured as the result of a one-vehicle accident at approximately 10:30pm Tuesday in the 100 block of Old Steinbeck Bend Road in Waco..
West High school student Nick Muska was killed in the accident as was a girl from China Springs.West high school students Wesley James and Nick Van Pelt and another China Springs girl were also in the car when the accident occurred. The names of the China Springs girls were not availabe at press time Wednesday.
Nick Van Pelt was reported to have been in critical condition early WEdnesday in a Waco hospital while both James and the one China Spring girl had been treated and released..

Now I have known Nick Musca since he was about 7 years old..When i first moved back to town one of my very good friends Mike Adamson was captain of his son Tanner''s t-ball team..(the snake handler dad and son) and because i am a great baseball player and pretty knowledgeable Mike let me be his asssistant coach..which here is a very odd thing..women dont coach unless they coach their girls teams...so i was an oddity and Nick loved calling me the t-ball lady..never mrs. denney or jamie and jenny''s grandma but the t-ball lady...he was a sweet natured kind and gentle child...He grew up to be even sweeter and better kid..He did not go to the parties and do drugs or drink like so many of the other kids around here.He had the reputation of being a "good boy"..which is no small thing around here..When most parents have been known to drink with their kids or buy them booze for home parties...Nick''s parents set a good example for him and his younger sister..On this night it seems like the boys had kept the girls from China Springs out later than they meant to and were rushing them back home so not as to be late for their curfew...
This is just a heart breaker for me..and what is truly scarry is that I know that West has lost at least 9 kids to deaths...drugs, cars and one drug related drowning...I cannot tell you how many funerals my granddaughters have gone to..Nick was 16 and was a passanger in the car.May the goddess bless and keep you safe in her arms Nick...

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