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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Guess who''s coming to Dallas??? A nigerian Yoruba priestess and two shamans, one an African Zulu spiritualist, the other an African American spiritual healer..along with more than 25 muliethnic spiritual leaders ....Hindus, Jews, Native Americans, Hare Krishnas, Catholics, Congregationalists and Wiccans will be among nearly 3 dozen varied believes who will share philosophies at the record setting conference on Religious Tolerance in a World of Spiritual Diversity..
Planners say they expect the 4day meeting to be the largest assembly of new age and old world alternative spiritual thinkers and mainstream religious leaders that will explore tolerance. They are expected to discuss freewheeling and wide-ranging topics including faith healing, generaltion z, gay marriage, world conflicts and interracial adoptions...

be still my heart...if your interested go to www.sanctuaryforlife.org.

then to add shock on shock...Plano is building a $6.5 million dollar muslim center...and Govenor good hair is flying in to throw the first brick, er....i mean lay the first brick...This from a guy who gets his votes out of the church directories from major cities...
I dont know...i see a trend here...but Im not sure which direction it is going..and what the fuck does it mean...i dont trust these people...they have motives that arent just clear to me just yet...but I will figure it out...yes..i will feret out your underhanding dealings...
I bet they get all those people in one place, rush the religious right out for starbucks and blow the building up....whatdayathink?

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