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Saturday, June 18, 2005


In the Dallas am news for fathers day the have an article on rockand roll daddy''s and their sons..like walon jennings and shooter jennings...waylon, my personal favorite..I like his son Shooter too. He looks like his dad so much it hurts to look at him..but his daddy has the better voice...he also dates the girl that plays joey''s sister on Joey...little trivia..then they hadSteve Young and his son Jubal Lee Young... great names for their kids huh? Jubal Lee is more rock and roll than daddy..
Then there is Terry Allen and Bukka Allen...what a name to be hung with..Bukka...fucka bukka..dont you know he got razzed his entire school life.Then ole Jerry Jeff Walker and Django Walker..judas priest, what kind of drugs were these guys taking when they named their kids...I really like Django...and Jerry Jeff is another favorite of mine..Then Jimmie Dale Gilmore and his son Colin Gilmore...finally a normal name..Jimmy is more spiritual than the kid..music wise...but what a great thing to be able to pass down ..musical talent.. Know they all have big shoes to fill..I know I would give a buck eighty five to have waylon back for just one song...My favorite? Cedartown Georgia...

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