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Monday, June 20, 2005


I met David at the local watering hole here in west about 27-30 years ago...for some reason we hit it right off...just 2 sick twisted souls that liked to drink, do drugs and have a good time while doing so...We didnt become best friends right away..just buds...as for a very very short while we were fucking friends..but that was scarry and we, without every mentioning it, just knew that wasent going to work...so we just were friends... and over the years we were in and out of each others life...My daughter was insanely jealous of him as she didnt want mama to have a fella..and my dog Bill who loved eveyone and eveyone loved him..couldnt stand David..think it was because eveyone always made over him and would take him places, bring him toys, etc..and david would call him Henry, or Ted or George...and would piss Bill off..and he would do his elvis impression when he saw David...he would curl up his lip and snarl at him...cracked both of us up...Well, Bill died but David is still around...then when I moved back to West about 10 years ago and he was living back here too, we just hooked up again. I saw him thru his devorice with his wife, he saw me thru the problems with my daughter..When I lost my van he let me use his truck and when he bought a new car he just let me have it...how about that for a friend...He came to the house and babysat my pit bull dog Nate when I was in the hospital...I came to his folks house and took care of his mom when his dad had to go to drs. or to town and grocery shop...He would bring his girls for me to help dress for dances, fix costumes for holloween. I picked them up in morning and afterschool for school. My one granddaughter jamie got mad at David''s daughter Sara because she would call me grandma...At one time he even dated the granddaughters mother and that was good for some laughs...If I needed anthing I knew that I could ask David...if I wanted to confess something, I knew he would not judge me. He made fun of me and laughed at me when I did stupid silly things, but he never has judged me...In allthese years we have been friends we have never had an argument...one one. He is reading over my shoulder so now I have to say something funny about him...Nah, can''t...he''s just my best friend...ok, he''s gone now...he read it and said he needed all the good pr he could get...He is 53, single, great father to two lovely daughters Jessica and Sara, a good son, a constant brother..and my best friend....

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