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Monday, June 27, 2005


Rocky has turned into psycho cat.. He has doubled in size and is showing his fangs..both of them..he lost the other two in a dog fight..he swivels his head around sniffing the air..."ah, my precious"...Jackiesue laughs hysterically and says, "no dipshit, its not Condi Rice, or we would have heard long nails clicking on the floor and the sound of scales .... and look Rocky...its the most powerful man in the country...Dick cheney..and he doesnt look too happy to see us."Rocky is so pissed his eyes are bugging out of his head..We dont need to see this asshole, we want Forest Gump."Cheney says with a smirk..."the president doesnt want to see you and you have to leave..
im getting ran out of library so will cont. tomorrow..

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