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Saturday, June 11, 2005


My daughter has called me three times today..having a phone is soooo wonderful. The last phone call she was at the baseball stadium watching the giants play cleveland...said the view from the stadium is absolutely beautiful...She loves San Francisco...every since she was a little girl she has wanted to live in sanfran...I lived there for 7 months and was so ready to go back to texas that when I did cross over the border into texas, I stopped the van, got out and kissed the ground..Now Iam so pissed at the people living here than I am seriously considering leaving. But I dont know where to go...Canada, Australia or maybe some beach in mexico where their is no news no tv no nothing but sand and sea...yeah...that''s the ticket....
Anyhow the daughter is doing great...she will be sober 1 year the 20th of this month..so proud of her...she is doing the meetings working the program and doing it the right way..good for her...When i quit I made the kids a promise that I would never drink again, but I couldnt go to the meetings...If I wanted to listen to a bunch of bullshit stories about what assholes they were when they were drunk I could just go back to the bar and listen to them first hand and they are much funnier when they are drunk..going to go home and scream at my computer...sonofabitching fucker

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