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Thursday, June 16, 2005


West has 2 grocery stores..West Food Mart and Community Grocery... Food Mart is the larger of the two stores and generally the prices are lower, but I usually go to community cause I know Patsy really well and she has worked there for over 10 years..plus the high school kids that work in there are sweet and I just like them better...so on wed. the west paper comes out and both grocery stores change their ads and all the new stuff is on sale...so I went in to get paper and see what was on sale and it was like old home week in there...Saw Debi and her daughter who is just a great kid and cant remember her name..Debi used to be our assistant library and really do miss her as she is very funny and most importantly..thinks I am very funny too. She is the republican that I took to Crawford to see Michael Moore''s f. 9-11 film...she liked it too..still voted for forest though, but I didnt hold her against her...We talked for a long time over which 3 1/2 gallons of blue bell ice cream to get...it was on sale for 3 for $11... I got homemade vanilla, peaches and cream and peanut brittle...nummy nummy...also got liver and sausage... liver for the cat and sausage for me and the dogs...not liver ice cream ...just liver..with onions...Then i saw merle and t.j...who I have known for about 30 years...I love merle and t.j...they are west''s only gay couple...they run the bar "coyote bob''s"...So you have to picture my little straight as an arrow red neck town and the busiest bar in town is run by two old gay farts...I just fucking love it...and I think I can name 3 people that actually said something that was sorta mean...and when everyone gave them the cold shoulder they dropped it...I was for kicking their asses...but cooler heads prevailed...Then ran into julio and they are having a benefit for him to raise money for hospital bills...didnt know he had been sick...going to donate some books for the auction..So yesterday was a good day...got to see some good friends and got some blue bell icecream..the goddess is good to me..

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