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Thursday, June 02, 2005


I bought the west news yesterday as it comes out on every wed. for .50 cents...this is the news that made the news this week...that was the week that was...in west..The boy scouts are collecting cans to raise money.West Knights of Columbus are having a picnic. there will be an auction along with refreshments and a horseshoe pitching contest..We have a new postmaster as the last one retired and as weird as it sounds i kindasorta had something to do with it...had to do with my dogs getting out scaring the mail man, and my neighbor making a joke about shooting him with a water pistol cause he wouldnt leave her mail cause my dogs were in the front yard.so he told the post master who called the feds and it was a lucy ethel moment from there on...he finally said he was sorry for over reacting and she had the charges dropped (threatening a federal employee) and he retired and my dogs are back in the yard...sometimes..
the west longhorn club is having a horse show at the west rodeo grounds and having a parade where eveyone rides their horse down the middle of town...We had 3 arrests over the week. someone (an old friends son) was passing counterfeit money and got tossed in jail. someone got arrested (old friends son) for sexual assault with a girl..which in west usually means some 18 year old kid was having sex with a 16 year old...very popular crime here...the kid will date the girl with parents permission for a few weeks and then do something that pissed them off and they charge him with sexual assault..i know of about 5-6 cases like this the past year...really sad...for all concerned.. and the big bust was a woman was arrested for assaulting two teen age girls..they dont mention that the two teenage girls kicked the living crap out of her cause she was drunk and causing trouble..St.Mary''s church build a tiny chapel in honor of some former teachers..why they need a tiny chapel is beyond me..we hav no little people here..
there are two engagements, one anniversary for 35 years.they are having a benefit for a guy who has terminal cancer and needs help with his hospital bills.To help raise money for another cancer patient they are (this is no joke) having a roping contest.They will have break away roping and calf roping...to raise money for a kid with cancer...OOps, two more engagements, oops, one more...lots of people getting married. and they are all 19-20 years old...There is an ad in spanish for an insurance company.a few family reunions on the docket..a 79 year old woman and an 8 year old man died...We have a 50 years ago section in paper and there were 57 high school grads from west high school and 33 graduates from st.Mary''s..The baseball and football teams are holding camp for conditioning...West food mart has chicken breast on sale for .99lb..i will buy some..big red on sale for .99 2liter.You can buy a one bd, 1 bath with wood flors, built in range central a/c and heat with attached garage on a beautiful lot with large trees for $69,900.or a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, carpet and tile floors, built in 2003. with a 30x40 workshop, large pond with pier on 17 acres for $279,900...someone lost a dog and someone has labs for sale..the baptist church releases butterflies in honor of a deceased teacher....community grocery has top sirloin roast for $3.19 lb.beef brisket$1.49lb.Plus the lady who writes Thanks for listening(a written article that is in west paper every week) told about her memorial day visit with her neice in san antonio...
so that''s all for this past week in west...my past week i watched bad santa which kinda sucked, the last samuri which wimped out on the ending but cried anyhow...and the cooler which was reallllly good...stalled another week on my garage sale...life is good...

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