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Saturday, June 18, 2005


I have been commisioned to write an article for the west by god newspaper by henrietta the librarian..We have this great library and most of the people dont use it or even know it is there..so I had written an article about my great dane Baby. ...who adopted me...and henrietta thought since I did such a great job I should try my shot at writing about the library.so will do so..Speaking of Baby..now there was a dog...I went to the library one day and when I got out of the truck this horse came loaping up to me...I am 5''31/2" and he came up to my hips..all I could think of was "wow, this is one fucking big dog."..and he leaned up against me,almost knocking me down..and just sighed..like he had been waiting for me and there I was...I still had the truck door open and he jumped in and went to sleep on the seat...so I took him home with me...bought dog food from jupe''s mill where they ofered me hay for him..he weighed close to 150 lbs or better...I have a 4 ft. cyclone fence and he could sit on his butt and jump and clear in with feet to spare.
This gentle giant was absolutely the greatest dog ever...I figured out real fast that his old owner had a automatic as every time I went to shift the gears he would take his huge arm and pull it back to rest on his him...He wanted me to be touching him all the time...when in the truck..also he was a batchelor as he drank out of the toilet and only ate left overs...hated dog food..but with just me in the house there werent alot of left overs ..cooking for one..so I adventually got him eating dog food mixed with gravy...home made gravy...I had to take him everywhere withme as the one time I left him in the house he went thru the window...took out glass, screen and all...so where I went the babe went...I used to take the granddaughters to school and pick them up so they didnt have to ride the uncool bus..babe did not like having to ride in the back seat when the girls got in the truck...but he was so glad to see them he would jump right in the back when he saw them coming and then lean over the seat and lick them to death..he had a habit of leaving the house really early in the moring and I found out later that he had a routine that he kept to every morning..he would run down the stree to the post office..go in the back door and then go shake hands with all the postal people, then he would go with vanessa on her route for a while then he would lick her good by and go to nemecek''s meat market and get his moring snack from gwen..she would sit out side smoke her cigerette and give him cheese and crackers and some scraps...then he would come home..but evry morning schoold days we would pick up the girls and then in afternoon take them home..one day on my birthday the girls got a ride so I could sleep in...except noone told babe...so he ran to the school to get his hugs and kisses from the girls..he got in the school building and searched until he found the girls and let me tell you they were not to happy to see this huge horse of a dog come lumbering in their room and almost knocking them out of their chairs with joy...the school office called me and asked me to come get babe as some of the kids didnt know he was a gentle giant and were standing out in the school yard screaming in fear while babe ran circles around them...adventually the police got tired of bringing him home in the squad car and even though he was the most gentle dog he scared the shit out of people...so as much as it broke my heart one of the guys that works for the city of west lives on 22 acres and took him...he stayed there for about 3 months and then moved in with the people across the road as they let him in the house and he liked to sleep on the couch...but I still miss the babe and this has been almost 2 years now...dogs...man.they can steal your heart.

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