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Monday, June 20, 2005


Oh man, do i love being right or what...about 3 weeks ago my granddaughter jenny and i were discussing music and she said something about the song stairway to heaven and mentioned a band (not led zephlin) that put it out...I said no it was l.z. and she said no it was who ever...we argued in fun back and forth and told her on this one granny was right..but she is 18 and cant imagine her granny being right about music...(cant belive that i rocked with the best of them..and just because all i listen to now is the oldies station doesnt mean i dont know rock and roll..) and left the house all superior..i know that it would not have taken much to prove it to her but no big deal..until in todays paper there was an article about lz''s robert plant commenting on the fact that he hates the song stairway to heaven as he has played it so much over the years...going to have it framed and give it to her...along with a nana nana boo boo, stick your head in doo doo...teach her to mess with the granny..

the college world series is going on and baylor is in it..we have kicked texas u. every game this year and in first game of series they beat us 5-1..fuckers..so all we have to do now is win 4 games in 4 days and we win it all..we have won both mens and womens'' singles and doubles in tennis, womens basketball, womens baseball, softball and some other stuff, tack field etc..so now we need to men to start pulling their weight...our men''s basketball team is in disarray from 2 years or so ago when one of the players shot and killed another player and the coach got fired for all kinds of illegal shit..our football team isnt as good as it should be...but for a bunch of bible thumping baptist... they do ok...the goddess must be keeping an eye out for them....heehee

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