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Friday, June 17, 2005


The library is hosting a reading program for the sumer...the annual West Accordion Squeeze-off is on June 25th, everyone is invited and encouraged to bring their accordians...First Methol\dist church is having vacation bible school..and something very interesting...a young teen dance, for the in-coming sixth grad through eighth grade students is planned for the 24th...$5 for kids and free for parents that would like to come...(they will all be down at wolf''s, coyote bobs or the spitoon cafe and bar getting drunk...)County row crop tours set for June 17th and 24th..each tour is to include a free noon meal and those attending with a pesticide license will receive three continuing education hours...(whoopie)West chambe of commerce has a luncheon for members where the new logo will be unveiled...Four west boy scouts are planning to go to new mexico and backpack...215 square miles in the mountain widerness in the Sangre de Cristo range in the rockies... that should be fun...free gun locks are now available to west residents..lots of congradulations posted to kids who graduated from college or university.. 2 new babies one of each...they will probably be married in 18 years..The urbanovsky family is having a reunion...lots and lots of them running around..The swimming pool(which is the 2nd largest outdoor pool in the state of texas and is over 50 years old)is having a hard rock extravanganza along with a washer and horseshoe tournament.My ex boyfriend and his band are playing at the shadowland. hmmmm. nah...
Jodie Mikula orchestra is playing at the B.V.M. Catholic church in penelope and they will have a polka mass at 10:30am..thre were 5 deaths...75, 93,88,16 and 17...too sad..
''85 grads are having a reunion...Jerry''s chicken shack is having a father''s day special...16 peices of chicken, 2 large side, 8 rolls and 1 gallon of tea for $20.99. St. Joseph''s in Elk, Texas is having their annual bbq picnic this sunday...with bingo childrens games, country store, raffle and plenty of ice cold beer...on the church grounds no less...heehee. i love texas...50 years ago 5 new babies were born here..and 50 years later the goddess took back 5...Willie Nelson''s home town of Abbott(9 miles down the road)is celebrating some kids that did good in uil Academic meet...There is a picture of a little girl two years old holding her "first fish"..she caught a 6-lb bass...i swear to the goddess her parents swear she caught it herself..using a scooby doo fishing pole and a top water lure Lacey mimicked her dad and mom..and when she got one dad pulled on the line and she reeled it in...they kept saying you got one, you got one...and I guess she was thinking toys, candy or something else besides the fish cause when she pulled it out the blood ddrained out of her face and she screamed and cried...now that''s funny
Food mart grocery has old milwaukee 12-pack for $4.99 boneless porkchops for $2.99lb..Community grocery has honeydews for $1.19 each...and eckrich chopped ham for $1.29 lb.
Seven garage sales...You can buy a 3 bed. 1 bath, large kitchen and living room, shaded backyard, and storage shed. for $59,900 right down the street from me..There is a 2-story 4 bed, 2 bath on 2 acres for sale, no price but it is on bugtusslelane...You can rent a 2bed 1 bathon one acre with a large laundry room for $6.50 If you are a rn supervisor, lvn, or certifed nurse aid, the west retirement home is hiring...You can also ge a job as insurance and billing click for a medical clinic..which is where the last one quit along with another girl cause the drs. wife got in a fight with her...i love west....
Jennette Karlics little article that she puts out each week talks about how we used to get free stuff in detergent. like hand towels, glass wear,and dishes...i remember that ..i also remember green stamps..
and there you have it ...another week in west...the excitement is about to kill me...and nothing on tv but reruns...so going to go finish halan Coben''s new book...ya''ll come back ya''hea...

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