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Sunday, June 19, 2005


Oh, man oh man...I love it when I have things to piss and moan about....whooo happy day...In my lovely Dallas am news today, acticle on perks of the job...refering to ole forest and the gifts he receives ....listen to this shit...
FOR THE RANCH:Chain saws and cutter $787
brush cleaning equiptment $270
boat and dock $5,728
dock with walkway $7,466 flashlights $460
tools $499, cooking pit $3359, barbecue smoker $1,992,
texas mesquite bench $3,992
The Links:
golf cart $7,101 clubs, covers and bags $3,625
The Trails:
mountain bike$2,700 helmets, gloves and other equiptment $532
Hunting:shotgun and accessories $14,153vest and binoculars $680
Fishing: rods, reeels, cases bait, etc. $4,966
this doesnt count the $1,500 pair of books given by President of Mexico and us and mexican flags for $1,800
or the boots from australian Prime Minister for $496 or the nice little painting from Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan...by C.M. Russell, for a cool $million and Mrs. Gump gets a some nice jewlry of diamonds and sapphires for $95,500...They say the large donations they dont get to keep theat they go to the national Archives....yeah, buddy...
Of course this doesnt count the stuff that people bring that no one says anything about....cause you know ole Prince who barbara bush refers to as another bush, give them stuff all the time and no one keeps tabs of it...Now, I have given this lots of though, this isnt something that I came up with willy nilly...there was serious thought given to what I think would make a great gift for our President Gump....and here is my idea for the perfect gift....a butt plug....to keep him from sticking his head up his ass all the time....thank you and good night....plese tip the waitress and drive carefully on your way home tonight folks...

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