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Monday, June 20, 2005

the haps

the haps are happening so fast here...another death...a few months ago one of the inlaws cousins died who was another sweet and dear man...bad heart.. was a huge man...just found out from my best friend david that the wife just passed away... she had been ill for over 25-30 years and he had been her caretaker...i think she just gave it up too..so having the viewing tomorrow...i hate those kind of things...still getting ove doris''s and now another one..never could go to nick''s..just to sad to see that sweet 17 year old in a coffin...i plan on having a viewing when i die..but i dont want to be in the coffin..i want them to haul my ass down to the old bar i used to hang out in and put me on the bar stool that i alway sat on with the sign they used to hang on the back of it "reserved for the old broad"..put on the stool and put a lone star beer can in my hand and let me enjoy the party..i am going to spend about a week down loading a cd of my favorite songs with the last song being...walk thru this world with me by george jones...wonder if my family will go for it..and the health dept...

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