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Sunday, June 12, 2005


I love my Dallas morning newspaper, especially on Sunday...There were so many things that grabbed my attention, pissed me off, made me think, laugh and want to kick someone''s ass...great paper..What is strange is they endorsed forest gump and I still like them...So many things to piss me off about, so little time..
First of all i want it known now and forever I used to be a Catholic...then when aids came into being and the Catholic still would not allow its church members in Africa, South America, America..where the fuck ever...to not be able to use condoms...well, that was the final straw...Plus not allowing women to be priest, to not crack down harder on pediphile priests, stand against gays, stem cell research, abortion, etc...I just could not with a clear heart and soul belong to a religion that allowed such things to go on...Then I read and learned that most religions are just like the Catholic Church...so being a christian was not what I wanted to be...so ...I became a pagan...no church..no God, no Jesus (although i did like the old Jesus, before the republicans got a hold on him) and none of the stuff that goes with it...My poor Baptist relative while on the one hand were glad to see me get away from the Catholic Church were just shocked to the core when I said I didnt belive in God and Jesus...Hence all the praying they do for me..But I like to remember that when man/woman first started out and they decided that there was a greater power out there that controled the sun, moon, stars, earth, humans and animals...they first worshipped a female diety...as woman gave birth and they figured "hey, she must have some super powers to be able to do that"..It wasent til they figured out the role that men had in helping with the birth that they started worshipping a male diety...so, Im just going back to the beginning, when women had the vote..and we voted for us....

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