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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Seems like i have died and gone to heaven..went to the library today and henrietta the libraian said...oh jackie, do i have something for you...and pointed to a bookcase full of new books..and i got first dips...didnt want to be a selfish pig so only took 5 of the new ones and already have 5 at home im reading...just finished kinky friedman''s new mystery...his books are easy as they are always really small and fast reads.. plus in between books i went to a garage sale and bought 2 big books on cartoons of brekley breathed(bloom county) and doonsbury....so im just one happy little fat gal...new harlan coben book, james richard patterson and a stuart margloin(sp) and a nevada barr...the goddess shines her light on me...speaking of shining light...went to doris mae oden''s funeral this morning...there were so many people there...at first baptist church...dont think i had been to a baptist church since i was about 9 and got in trouble from my mother as back then the catholics didnt want you to go to other churchs.. little did mama know that i thought it was so cool i let them baptise me...finaly confessed to father cornellius and he assured me that i was not going to burn in hell...but i did do alot of hail marys and acts of contriction...anyhow about the funeral...doris has had her funeral planned down to the songs, verses read, scriptures etc. coffin, dress, make up.etc. since 1987...is she cool or what...I didnt go to the cemetery..dont like to watch people get buried...freaks me out...I want to be creamated...and scattered over a bunch of bluebonnets...made the kids promise if i die in winter to save my ashes until spring so i can be with the bluebonnets...my favorite flower...think the death of the 16 yer old boy and of my friend doris has kind of messed with my head a little..i couldnt sleep last night...fall asleep and would dream about being buried alive...said fuck it ..got up and read kinky friedman..texas''s future governor...gong to go home and read all my new books...so excited.. i love new books...

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